Nap dreams

Date: 3/7/2019

By madeofmold

Anyone else have more memorable dreams when they sleep during the day? First I had to go pick up this game for a child of a lady from my parents’ church at what appears to be some sort of orphanage or wayward kids’ place that is also a video game store. The place is shaped kind of like a donut (or an IKEA floor) where there are no walls except a column in the middle that inner walls are built off of, and everything is open floor plan. There are a bunch of kids in bunks stacked 4 or 5 high in each “room” (section of area loosely organized into its own place, mostly by gender of the kids sleeping there), and in every sleeping area there are games lining the walls and little stands. I go around the whole area, trying to find the one this girl needs, and the whole time I don’t even know what the game looks like or where it would be (the title is some random string of numbers and letters). So I go to the holds area and there are two tickets for that game but neither ticket is under her name. In fact, one has my first name on it and the other has my last name, but when I look again, both names are completely different (the norm for dreams). Anyway, I argue with the person running the place that since both tickets were dated for 2018 I should be allowed to take one of the games in their stead. I think it worked because then I walked around the outside ring of the building and there were animals there and one, a giant cricket, bit me in the hand. Later (I woke up and fell back asleep) I go out and there’s broken rubble everywhere, like I’m next to a wall that has holes in it so I can see through it. And there’s cops coming; they are trying to get someone who has allegedly thrown a bottle at them, but from behind them someone else throws a bottle at them. So they start chasing that person around the corner of the wall towards me, and I see a lady with a big cart laden with groceries at the side of the road they’re about to enter. I let the person who threw the bottle pass but before the cops pass I reach out to the woman and move her cart sideways to block the street, turning it so we can get it through the door of her residence building. We speak to each other in Spanish about my helping her get up to her floor (the 28th) and then we are there. We talk more, switching between Spanish and English (I don’t remember what about), and I remember I was surprised she didn’t realize I had started talking to her to get in the way of the cops. But I didn’t feel bad about it because she seemed very nice and really grateful for my help. Then I woke up again.