Corpse Stunt, Relationship Point System

Date: 7/15/2017

By seascarlet

1: This first one is really gross, just a fair warning... I got on a stunt-based reality show with some other people. We weren't particularly talented like some of the other contestants on the show, but we were willing to do a really unsettling stunt for shock value. It involved lying down inside coffins on top of badly decomposed corpses. The coffins were then closed and we were sent bungee jumping inside of them off the edge of a cliff. We were filmed being all terrified and then coming out covered in corpse goo. I even got some in my mouth. Afterwards we were sent to an outdoor set of stations where contestants were cared for afterwards and checked for injuries. There were other groups of contestants there who had done different stunts. Then here we come all gross looking and some of the others just stared at us. One of the guys from an extreme sports group insulted us for being gross and just going for shock value. There was a girl in our group named Louise and he kept shortening her name in mean ways. He called her Louis which is a guy's name. Then Ew, Wheezy and Easy. I just wanted to get cleaned off asap. We finally did, by a nice couple of ladies who seemed minimally disturbed by us. I was nauseous and traumatized. I said I was so grossed out that I was never going to eat again and was going to have PTSD and might as well kill myself. The show host said killing ourselves would be great for ratings and had us sign a contract with our names and addresses giving the show permission to kill us. Just before I signed though I started feeling hungry and decided I wanted to live. The others agreed that none of us should kill ourselves. The show host showed us the already completed episode of our stunt. Watching it made me lose my appetite again. I felt sort of cool about being on a show, but couldn't imagine asking anyone I knew to watch it. 2: My sister's boyfriend kicked her out of his house for a month. He had her on some sort of point system, and she had lost too many points by embarrassing him in front of his friends. I told her that a point system is good for classroom management sometimes, but not relationships.