Old Dream

Date: 9/8/2019

By NayaChoi

A couple years ago, I had a recurring theme in my dreams which was that at some point in the dream, whether it be the beginning, middle, or end, I’d be wandering around in a large, endless field of wheat. I don’t have that theme anymore, but this dream had it. I spawned in the field and I was trying to get to the fair. I didn’t know where it was, but it was somewhere around here. A clay-mated grizzly bear, who wore a black bow tie and held an umbrella and a suitcase, drifted over to me. “Hello there!” He said. “Hello!” I replied. “You seem to be lost. Might I be of help to you in some way?” “Yes, I’m lost. I’m trying to get to the fair.” “Oh, the fair! I know where the fair is. It’s so fun there.” And he began humming and dancing to music from the fair. “Could you tell me where it is, sir bear?” “Why, of course! But I’m in the mood for dancing. How about this: if you dance with me, I’ll take you to the fair!” “Alright then, sir bear.” He clapped his paws and three other clay-mated grizzly bears emerged from the woods. One of them played a cello, another the piano, and the third, a fiddle. They began playing a happy little tune as he took my hands and danced with me. “And please,” he said. “Call me Mozart.” I asked him if he was the classical musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and he said yes. He said the afterlife/heaven was wonderful and he was enjoying it. After a little while, I realized we had danced our way to the fair. There it was, with candy to be eaten and prizes to be won. Mozart the bear gave me a handful of tokens and smiled at me. “I must be off now. Have fun at the fair!” He bowed, opened his umbrella, and flew away. Thanks for that, Mozart. I did have fun at the fair.