Pretty blonde teacher assigning 100 000 word essay + watermelon mode?

Date: 1/19/2017

By LucidDreamsDankMemes

I have a class in the 700s with a pretty blonde teacher. We are told that we have a "free" day off school tomorrow, however we must write a 100 000 word essay in that day. The teacher asks if any of us know her, and then says our mothers would be worried if she did, implying it's something about sex. Lucy asks me what I write events and dates / homework in. I say 'iPad because I hate computers'. She talks about how something about piracy makes computers bad. I correct myself and say what I meant was 'iPad because I hate books'. She says 'oh'. All of this is while I'm writing down the date in the iPad calendar. The bar representing the due date on my calendar is overlapping across two days for some reason which causes it to fuck up. I fix it so it's only on one day. People change their calendars to watermelon view, essentially means a green background with red event bars. This is supposed to be really important for some reason, so I try to do it. My device freezes. It unfreezes in the nick of time and I do it before she arrives to check my work.