Date: 4/7/2017

By Kisaki

I was with my brother. I was too much trusting. He had a duty. Either he was giving lessons to a primary class or he was applying for a new job. Each time he needed help, financial or not, I gave him a gem with magic powers to help him advances. During a party at school, I made acquaintances with his classmates from previous school. And there were teachers not happy with how often I used the gems. So one day, my family left to do some work and I was alone at home. One of his classmates went to visit. I greeted him, and when I went to the kitchen to see what was happening, my gems were missing. And the mate was twisting a weapon, a stick shaped halogen lamp. The tip was broken and he was walking toward me. I tried to flee but it was impossible to leave the house. So, I am dead. I trusted the guy who killed me later and I didn't have any gem to protect me. Even my angel guardian told me it was a bad move when I am dead.