Dystopian War

Date: 7/20/2017

By maye

My dream starts out with me in pain, laying on the ground. I'm in between a pharmacy and a hill and it's eerily quiet. I stand up and walk home. As I'm walking I see that the world is crumbling. I get to my house and see my elderly parents and my brother. I realize that this dream takes place years from now as my brother and I are adults. I'm dressed in bulky camouflage, ready for war. My brother wants to come with and see me in action, but it's too dangerous and he must take care of our sick parents. I leave the house and go to my chief's home. He has a mission for me: Bring his daughter presents for her birthday. He is unable to make it due to the war. It's dangerous for me to go, but he trusts me. I make it to his wife and daughter and hand the little girl her presents. She's too tired to smile, but she thanks me with all the energy that she has. I get a call on my transmission and it says that they need backup right where I awoke at the start of the dream. I get there and see that everyone who is fighting are my classmates. Everyone who is my age in this time are the perfect age to join the army, unfortunately we're unprepared. I see many of my peers dead on the ground as well as some border up inside the pharmacy. I take cover just in case, but the villains have already left. There's no one I can save. On my way back home, I'm crying. I don't want to do this anymore, but it's to save the country. I stumble into my boyfriend who was late to the scene. I tell him it's no use and I leave. He stands there coldly and walks away. Images of my peers' children flash through my mind. Her twins are lost in the rain, sobbing. His son banging at their front door in hopes he unlocks it. An unknown daughter lays on the grass in shock with no will to get up. My vision fades to black and the dream ends.