The Killer Cometh

Date: 2/13/2017

By DreamingDragon

There is a person going around the world killing people. It seems like he has gotten most everyone (they come back to life) and I am the last person left. Something happens when everyone has been killed at least once. There is a gathering where it is expected he will appear, and an air of inevitability about going there. It is rumored that the last person is to be cleaved in half from the back at an upward angle through the abdomen with a big shield. I linger at the gathering. But there are people who are against this "fate" perspective, like a few shamans who encourage me to find a safe place and protect myself, fight and stay alive. They offer to have me stay at a special lake until the killer passes through. Then I am in a house looking out and down through the second story window and I see a person pulling a rope attached to a large work animal carrying a large load of living gear: canvas and tents and food and such. I think it's a very large camel. There are other animals in the group: a horse, goat, donkey, etc. The person walks from the grassy area to the docks and I go down to examine. It is a woman, and she is very kind. She seems to know me, and encourages me to have fun playing with her in the water and forget about my worries of being killed by the Killer, lest I spend the rest of my life in fear of death. Thoughts/Feelings at wake: Uncertain, Wary, Responsible, Strong, Content Themes: Death, Fear of Death, Inevitability, Group Mentality, Peer Pressure, Fate, Free Will, Personal Power