"i cant do it"

Date: 1/19/2017

By groovyalig

@ paiges house (my bff - i live with her and her parents). she and her mom were in an argument in the living room and i was in the diding room and paige was like "blah blah blah... i cant do it" and i balled up my fists a little becUse i hate when she says that. half the time its just an excuse and she can do it shes just playing dumb or being lazy. either way i was in a totally diff room not even visible to her and when i did that she was like "what was that" anf i went in the other rm. at this point her mom had walked away and i was like. "the more u say u cant the more u limit urself from genuinely being able to" and she was like "i just did this" (did a hand gesture looking bery confused) and i was like, no paige.... u said u cant , i balled ny fists in the other room and u somehow saw, and here we are. she look rly confused and was like how could i hve seen u and i had no clue but then some severed arm put its hand eiher on me or just pounted at me idk. *woke up @ 2:30ish a.m.*