Just Another Day At Dream School

Date: 5/17/2017

By Rest-in-Peace

I was at school in gym class and they kept making us run these stupid little races between desks, and then we had to sit in these desks while this guy came through and put stuff on everyone's hair, face, arms, and legs. I smoked half a cigarette in one of the classrooms and put it out in the recycling bin, which was kind of a struggle because it wouldn't go out and the teacher kept protesting what I was doing, and then went to the bathroom to clean off all of whatever they had put on us. After getting it all off I noticed it had helped my hair and skin, but the principal walked in and there was this charade about headphones because he thought I had school headphones. I showed him my headphones to prove they weren't school headphones and gave him the shitty headphones back he was trying to give me in a trade. I was putting papers and pens and pencils into a binder and Aaron was trying to see if I had everything and I was hoping he'd leave because I had my half cig hidden between the wall and a binder. The principal finally left and I moved the other binder to grab the half cig and it was somehow disguised as a pencil in the middle of three other pencils. This other kid who is also named Aaron and Sam were like, "You really think that would trick him?" And I said, "Well it obviously did." (This is when I "woke up") --------------------------------------------- •I'm pretty sure I had a false awakening and started to write in my dream journal about that very dream. •I had woken up and fallen back asleep a few times, and recalled a couple dreams. But sadly my phone was dead when I finally woke up to write and I cannot remember any besides the one I just wrote about. •The stuff they put in our hair, faces, and arms: this brown goopy substance in our hair. black between nose and eyes, and the rest of the face/arms were clear. I don't remember if there was anything applied to legs as I didn't clean it off in my dream. It was applied with these long poles for some reason.