Demonic possessions & falling off a cliff

Date: 1/28/2019

By PandaPuff

Can't remember all of my dream, but I was in my house and went outside and this big bobcat was outside, I thought it was a deer at first. I ran back on the porch and videoed it walking around. Next part of my dream I don't know I met some weird magician guy. I can barely remember anything about him except that he was blonde with some hat on. My brother and I went into this abandoned house and he said our dog went into a closed off part of the house. I somehow got through by destroying the blocked off part. I got Bailey and went out. I just knew I had released a demon. So we had to do some kind of school activity, which happened to be hang gliding, and many people were on one of them. I knew the demon would make it crash but couldn't say anything or everyone would think I was crazy. Sure enough, it crashed. But luckily it crashed onto a cliff so it wasn't that much of a drop. My friends and classmates and I were panicking on top of it. Suddenly my "friend" (don't actually know her) grabbed me and walked me over to the edge. I thought she just wanted to show me how far down it was, but she PUSHED ME OFF. I screamed but noticed a blow up thing at the bottom which I landed on and I just laid there trying to calm my heart down as another girl jumped off onto it. Soon, I was back at my stepmoms parents house, as we go every Sunday for dinner. I heard the Kardashians and Jenners were coming over and I was like,"Shit! I forgot they know them!" Because I hate them. I walked into the kitchen and the demon possessed someone and made them kill themselves. I can't remember how. I looked on my hand and saw two dots and some other people had them too. I have no idea what it was supposed to signify. We went back to our house and it was finished being redone from the tree that destroyed it (yes irl) it was so weird the bathroom got smaller and I had a room near theirs?? I got confused to as why I wasn't back in my own and walked down the hall to it. It had a weird smell and sticky stuff on the carpet. And some heart with Japanese writing on it. Idk. I went into their room to question and I saw the demon had possessed my dad and I jumped on the bed screaming,"THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!" and put two fingers into a cross. Then I kept yelling,"CHRISTO! BEGONE DEMON, YOU'RE NOT WELCOME HERE!" It started laughing and made my dads eyes roll back. I don't remember what the demon said, but it snapped its fingers and like "semi-possessed" me and made me dance and I was getting pissed off that I couldn't stop. Next, we were at my stepmoms parents again and the demon possessed some girl but I became friendly with the demon??? It handed me a hat and told me to put it on so I wouldn't be out of place. It was some weird hat for a Halloween party even though it's clearly not Halloween. Someone knocked on the door and it was that weird magician guy smiling at me. I let him in and then I woke up.