Lucid Horror

Date: 5/3/2017

By Jedi101

So I was Right there at My Cousin's place but Not the original one. They had a bunglow this time and We had guests there. other cousins were present. While everyone were doing their daily chores Me and my brother went into another room where we had to watch Cassettes which had real Horror Videos. Haunting that took place in reality. So as we were watching it We had to go For some or the other work. everytime we watched it, Se chore comes. The next time I went to watch it alone. so, I don't know what happened But Some girl came in the video, a small girl Which Was possessed. I was so Involved with the video that The girl got manifested into reality. Now somehow I woke up and got back to sleep again But this time I got stuck between reailty and Dream. My consciousness went both ways I knew what was happening in dream also knew what was happening in reality. so, for no reason I was so afraid of that girl That I knew that she is coming towards me, from another room. I was literally Praying That The girl shouldn't come to me and ask me anything. If I lied, I'll surely be dead. Simultaneously, I knew that It isn't the reality, It is only a dream yet I was so afraid. And then Girl came and I had my eyes Closed, tightly. Pulling my Shorts and Asking where is that cassette, I lied to her and Said it's in the bedreoom. as it is, she was gonna kill me. I had my brother for a second while I was in the bed. (PS- I was lying on the bed in the dream too). So, In the Tv I could watch her Finding it and After being unsuccessful in finding it, Watching toward camera and Expressing Emotions like,"I'm coming To kill you.". I felt Fear at it's greatest. So, When she came I Mimicked my own death. that I was dead and Like horror movies, She Was coming, Tocuhing her hands and moving it upwards towards my hip and so on. I knew it wasn't real but Still, I felt like I Stopped breathing and Then I was like,"Wake up, this isn't real. wake up, this isn't real" and then I found myself in the same pose As I Mimicked my own death in the dream Wondering how Could I've known Both reality and dream!