Three Dreams

Date: 7/23/2019

By Ben6456

1st dream: I had a dream that a Russian hitman kept coming into my house and trying to kill me. Each time he would come in he would fail and I would plan for the next time he would come in. When he left he would just go and sit in his car. I believe he came in three times, first time I fought him off with my fists, second time I had a weak silenced mini pistol that I shot him with but it was too weak to kill him. The last time is when I stole his ak-47 off him and shot him with it. This killed him, and me and my mum escaped. Apparently the government were after us. Dream ended. 2nd Dream. I dreamt that like in black mirror a person was stuck in someones head in their consciousness. I was spectating them in third person. The person was trying to kill them self. They set up a scene in their mind. She was swinging standing on a metal bar and just swinging over water. She did not jump, but I remember while dreaming that I thought that she wanted to kill her self, I also believe it was a woman. Dream ended, unless I forgot the rest. 3rd Dream: This dream was my last dream. I was spying on a tonne of people having fun in a swimming pool. I was just looking at them through my binoculars. I was concentrated on two sets of people. One of the people it was a boy and a girl. The boy had cool hair. Like Geralt’s hair in the Witcher III. He was handsome. And it seemed he was trying to get this girl. The second was a man with his friends. He was handsome but just had short hair that still looked nice. They both looked similar just with different hair.