They Sometimes Wore Masks

Date: 8/9/2019

By SweetDreams77

It was at my dad’s house. There were these black mannequins that sometimes wore masks. My best friend Melanie was with me but she seemed more sure about the situation than me. According to my dream, Melanie said that we had awakened “it” and we needed to finish what we started. There at least 8 other people in our group. When she said we had to finish it, half of our team had fled, so there were only a few of us left. The black mannequins weren’t so persistent at first, they didn’t show up out of nowhere so much. But there was a point in the dream where I was left alone in the living room with some other guy from the group. We were supposed to keep watch while Melanie and the others were downstairs in the basement messing with the equipment and anything else that would help the whole situation. Back in the living room, I heard a loud, dull thump coming from the room over. I asked the guy—who I’ll name Jason—if he heard it. He said no but I couldn’t sit around I had to see if someone or something was there. I told him I’d check just to make sure. I got up and slowly crept toward the room I’d heard the noise come from. Once I got around the corner I saw it: a black mannequin with a dark grey mask. I could see the eyes. They were so real. I stared, petrified from fear. I was going to scream, but before I could even open my mouth it waved it’s hand over my face. I finally got the courage to run back into the living room where Jason was. I tried to yell but the sound wouldn’t come out. I somehow got into the small bedroom that was mine and then it got on top of me and had its hands wrapped around my throat. I clawed at it’s mask and pulled it off. It was Melanie’s face. I switched positions and with all my force I got on top of it. Its head rested on the wood plank dividing the living room from the bedroom. I quickly, without hesitation, grabbed its head and, aware of whose face it was, bashed it into the wood as hard as I could. It went from smiling maniacally to its eyes slowly rolling back. It’s eyes became hollow and looked like a mask itself. I stared at it not sure if it was really dead yet. I pulled the head off, because it was still a mannequin, then got up and went to the stairs to the basement. I remember seeing a hand in a claw that slipped back through the door. I slowly made my way down the stairs, hoping that Melanie was still there. I got to the door and a guy came out and said “sorry, had to make sure you weren’t one of them.” And then I woke up.