Teacher On Bike

Date: 5/1/2019

By mynights

I was being awarded for my efforts, by being given one of the most important teaching roles there is. (I don't know what the role was but I knew it was very, very important). My old primary school Vice Principal Mrs S. Was going to be presenting me with the award. Myself and several others (I don't know who) were to go and pick up Mrs S from her home. Walking along the street it was pitch black. I couldn't see a single thing yet I knew it was street and that I was looking for Mrs S's house at the top of the hill. I then found myself in front of a wall. I lifted up both my arms and felt a rough ledge made of crumbling concrete. I knew this was the 'hill'. I climbed over the ledge and when I got to my feet I could suddenly see. It was still dark, but the moon was lighting up the street. Out of no where, Mrs S comes flying out of her house on her bike. I can't see her face but I can see her signature short straight hair, clipped to the length of her ears under her helmet. She wasn't holding onto the handlebars and the bike was jerking her from on side to the other. Then I see she's at the top of this steep hill and she takes off, completely out of control to the bottom. Myself and the others I was with knew that the function we were heading to was at the bottom of the hill, so we started to head down. We had no concern for Mrs S. I just remember thinking she was a bit silly to have done that. We got to the bottom of the hill where there is a large restaurant. Just as we walk in, we see Mrs S is flying through the restaurant on her out of control bike, towards glass doors that open up to a staircase. Needless to say, she fly's through the doors and straight down the long, red, velvet covered stairs. Again, I remember thinking she was silly and didn't go after her as I knew she was at least in the right building now. Myself and the others took our seats at an empty table, which was lined with bowls. The bowls were filled with triangle pieces of toast and scrambled eggs. Except for the bowl in front of me. It was filled with triangle pieces of bread, slightly toasted. I thought 'that'd be right', pushed my bowl away and grabbed another. There were four of us sitting right at the end of this table for about 40, waiting for Mrs S. I suddenly felt really frustrated and uncomfortable with where I'd chosen to sit. I felt I was facing the wrong direction and that I was too far up the top end of the table. This was throwing my brain out completely. Then over my shoulder floated some sort of tv screen. The screen positioned itself in front me, where I could see it was displaying a crystal clear image of myself and the others at my table. I remember thinking that I looked nice in the image, but that I should have finished dying my hair blonde, as it was a strange yellow colour instead of its usual dark brown.