annoying teens mistook relic pay phone for video game

Date: 1/30/2017

By Purple

I was trying to make a phone call because I left my phone somewhere—on purpose. I was at a pay phone that required 50 cents, but then it only asked for 25 cents. I had 1 quarter, two dimes and a nickel. I was trying several times to call my cell phone for messages. The pay phone had unusual instructions and two keypads. The one on top wasn't working. A man came by and showed me how to use the smaller keypad on the bottom, but the buttons were not accurate. They were confusing, because the 0 was the small button in the top. The first call I made, too much time had elapsed with my quarter and I was disconnected. The second time, I was more focused, but kept getting interrupted by teenagers making comments. Some stood around watching, wanting to play this relic of a game next. They didn't know it was a pay phone, so I explained it was a phone, not a game, and to please get away, as they were too close to me for privacy. While I was talking to the teens, I must have been sitting down (though I don't recall a seat at all up until this point). My whole body and the phone were rocking back and forth as if we were on a mechanical horse. I think they were making fun of me, and I said I'm almost 50, and to show some respect. They mocked me and said I didn't look 50. The second call I made finally went through, but I was on hold for a few minutes before I realized I was holding for a wrong number. I kept my coin purse handy if I had to call again, because I realized the dollar bills in my other hand served no purpose with that relic of a phone.