Extremely vivid sexual encounter

Date: 3/8/2017

By Love

So I had this insane sexual encounter dream last night and I have decided to share it on dream journal! Hurray for my first post! Here it goes: The back ground of this dream is most likely due to wanted to have sex with this certain person. So the woman and I had just gone out for dinner. We had streaks, I had my medium rare she had hers medium. I distinctly remember this. So we headed back to my place in a sports car. We got back to the house, the gate opened and we pulled down the driveway. We parked the car in the garage and went in the house. Once we got in there, there was a large dog. A dog larger than but a dog at that. We then proceeded up to the bed room kissing and flirting all the way up. We get to the room and immediately start kissing with a fiery passion. Our lips lock and tongues wonder. By this time my hands have started to move up her body. I slowly arrive at the breasts. I fondle her nipple a bit and begin to remove her shirt and bra. Once they are removed I started kissing her on the right side of her neck, slightly grazing my tongue on her ear. I then continue down her neck to her breasts and began kissing and caressing her breasts. I grab her by the hips and throw her onto the bed. Spreading her legs and kissing the lower leg where the hip and leg meet. I begin licking and slide my tongue across her clit. She flinches and let's out a soft moan. After she settles down a little from the pleasure I immediately resume licking her clit more intense now without a break. I am also inserting a finger slowly in and out of her vagina. She is now moaning more intensely and moving uncontrollably. I stop. Then I Crawl up towering over here now. I say to her "This was just the tease." She grabs me and pulls me in, vigorously making out with me asking me to put it in. I kiss her neck as I grab the lube from bed side table. I drip a few drops onto my self and drip a few onto her clit. She flinches, I immediately grab her right hip with my left hand as I rub the lube in. I ask her how it feels and she explains the feeling to me: The coolness of the lube is like ice being touched to your vagina. I now grab her by both hips and insert the tip of my bulging penis. She lets out another moan and I begin to thrust in a soft manor. After thrusting softly for a bit I begin to speed up, I grab her legs and use them as support to go harder, and deeper. She is now moaning loudly and asking me to give her more. I thrust as hard as I can and begin to feel my orgasm coming and I ask her "are you there baby" and she says "Yes, give it to me!" My penis begins to throb and I begin cumming saying "take that cum" she starts to shake and moan with pleasure, the bed begins to get wet from all of our intense sex fluids mixing together. I stop thrusting and lean over her kissing her neck and breasts. She calms down and begins kissing me with the ultimate love and passion that one could understand. I remove my penis and lay beside her. She rolls over and tells me she loves me and cuddles her head into my arm. We are both laying down in awe of the incredible sex that just happened. We get up and begin to clean up, We talked about our legs being tingly and wobbly and laughed about it. She goes into the bathroom I follow as we both explain "I have to pee" once again we laugh I let her use the restroom first as to be a proper gentleman, she finishes, opens the door and begins to walk out. I finish up using the restroom and walk over to her in bed. I lay beside her and pull her close in the spooning position. I tell her I love her, kiss her and we fall into a deep sleep together.