Volcano in the sky

Date: 2/10/2017

By camcgregor

I was at some cottage with this girl that I really liked and at diner she was flirting with the guy next to her. there was this other hot girl there too but she was also flirting with another guy. Both couples actually kissed once in it as well so I thought I was for sure out of it. We saw the sun start to set so I started to run down to the dock to get a cool time lapse. Since I was in a dream the sky looked all weird and cartoon like. The sky was all red and I couldn't even see the sun anymore. The moon was also like 5 times the size of the sun. (Really wish I went lucid for my first time). I was too scared to go to the end of the dock because it was crazy windy out. It was like a cartoon volcano erupted into the sky! The other guy said drive your boat to the end and just scoot along. I really wanted these pictures and videos so I did that and while I was scooting along the guy started talking to the girl that I liked and the guy left and went to bed I think. While I was scooting across I then woke up.