orange is the new black supermarket

Date: 7/3/2017

By jevan

they split up the coworkers into two sides of the store, on my side everyone was having sex and on the other side people were doing work. i didn't want to get into trouble so I avoided it as much as I could. i even ran out of the store for a bit but realised I didn't have a lift home and i needed to sign out. I went back inside. anyway we joined up with the other side of the supermarket and helped them move stuff back into storage. the other side were the cast of orange is the new black and then someone ranked their favorite characters and Taystee was number 5 and she was pissed off. Diez was there and she was being a bad bitch and she hit another girl with a plank of wood. Alex came in third and they said something about her being "Lady Blue" that wasnt quite it but i dont remember. Piper came in first much to everyones disliking. Then i had a cutaway mini dream, which was foggier like it was a flashback, to how Alex got that nickname. There were prisoners in silly costumes being chased down for wearing the costumes and hiding from the guards and they ended up getting shot. Alex ended up getting chased with that nice guard i forget his name. Then i was first person pov as the chaser. I saw them run through a door so i grabbed a fire extinguisher and burst through the door in slow-mo as they were hidden behind lockers i smoked them out. one of them threw a pie at me. They ended up managing to lock themselves into two rooms with one padlock joining them and on the two rooms they were called mrs lady and mrs blue or something.