Date: 8/20/2017

By pudgykiki

In my dream last night, I was at the park with my 7 year old sister and 3 guys that I went to high school with showed up and then all of a sudden we were all in a tent and my sister was jumping on an air mattress in the tent and then she got sick and threw up on one of the boys in the tent and he got really mad at her and i got mad at him for yelling at her and then me and her went back to my house and my grandmother was at our house and I started yelling at my grandmother and I told her that I didn't even like her and she said fuck you to me. Then the dream switches to another dream and in the new dream my dad's father who has been dead since before I was born came back and apparently he was never really dead, they just lied to us and told us that he was dead but he really just left. So I got to meet my dead grandpa in my dream because apparently he was never really dead. And in the dream i was crying and I was really happy. But for some reason the man in my dream who was supposed to be my grandfather was not even my grandpa like he didnt even look like my grandpa but everyone said that its just because he has been gone for so long. It was really weird