I was a leader of some strange field trip and I buried my friends and loved ones

Date: 7/26/2019

By AgentM

From what I remember I was chosen by my old HS teacher named Master Sergeant to lead some project of exploring some new fantasy land which is dangerous... Then I was in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen for some reason. I was the head chef.... My dream gf (I’m single) and some of my friends embarked on a journey in the middle of a snowstorm where we ended up captured and forced to do tasks in a factory... Somehow my gf got fatally wounded and she was clearly gonna die soon. So I had to pick her up and carry her through the snowy New York streets until I found an opening in the side of a building that resembled a drawer of some sort. I opened it and payed her body on it and proceeded to talk to her about how I’m going to miss her, how I was gonna marry her and all that Jazz.... the same thing happened to my old friend who’s short and Asian. He is dying for some reason and I had to deliver him to a hospital because he is an organ donor. As I walk outside I find the rest of the group having a pizza party in the middle of the snow. I sit down for a while until I find my Asian friend walk past us and enter some sort of open garage. I follow and find him sitting down on a bench. I sit down in front of him and he quickly smiles. I was curious so I asked him if he died or not. He said yeah, that it doesn’t hurt at all. He still wanted to be around us so he followed as a ghost. Apparently I’m the only one who can see him. He isn’t ghostly at all, he is exactly what he looked like before he died, even with sharpie markings from the doctor on where to cut. End