Gang then train

Date: 5/18/2017

By tiptipkitten

Something happens at the beginning that I don't remember and our neighbors that I baby sit there kids got hurt somehow and were now resting. They asked me to tell there kids that there ok I said yes then I went down stairs and suddenly I was in my house I walked outside the back door and saw my neighbors house and what looked lime a figure sitting on a chair but it was night time so I couldn't be sure. I grabbed the gate ready to leave the back yard but someone grabbed my hand and pointed a gun at me and said something that I don't remember. He pulled me to the neighbors house and started chatting with the guy in the chair. Seeing my opening I ran for my house. I got in safely and locked all the doors then ran to the second floor that we didn't have and I saw my brother that moved out on the bed watching tv with my younger brother and sister. I proceeded to tell them what happened and Alex congratulated me on job well done. I looked to the giant door/window that leads to the porch and saw that it wasn't even closed so I quickly started to close it. I got pretty far in the process when I saw the first gang member pop up. Somehow I ended up on the outside and I though I locked myself out but I found a way back in and started closing the way back but they found a different way and started flooding in. I don't remember much of what happened but Alex pretty much stays on the bed the whole time, my little brother got away, my sister was punch in the face and started bleeding out of her mouth and they didn't really mess with me other then give me glares from time to time. I rushed over to my sister as the bleed got worse and started to project and got on the ceiling. I screamed to them that she need medical attention and I started looking around for things to help her. For some reason the whole time she hasn't made a peep about anything and just stood there with a blank face and I think that scared me worse then the blood. Eventually we kinda become uneasy friends with the gang till they decided to go down stairs. I followed them down to what should be my house but was a daycare looking area. I saw my younger brother except he looked two instead of thirteen. Something happened that I don't remember This next part could be before the gang thing. I was controlling a flying thing of some sort and had to get to the end or something bad will happen. I bounce around in whatever I'm in to get to the end. Something happened and I failed so we had to get out of the area we were visiting (the U.K.) because that was the most dangerous area. We took a train but that soon filled up with water and tipped over something happened and lighting stuck the car and everyone inside got electrocuted. We tipped right side up again and the water was gone then the medics came in. I went into a side car alone to wait for my turn but when the two medics got to me they closed the door and were acting really suspicious so I screamed for help and that's all I remember.