Okay random island.. 😏Why is there a lesbian couple here?😳

Date: 8/15/2017

By madnewman13😼

The first part of my dream started off at the front of my driveway. I was walking down the road when I saw two younger girls who were surprisingly lesbians. They were sitting on a blanket and told me that they were very much in love and that they had just finished masturbating with each other. I quickly ran away. The second part of my dream I was on a ship with my crush and some other people. We had found an island in the middle of where we were sailing. "Okay.. Let's go!" My crush who seemed to be in charge said. On the island there were people already there. They said we could share the island. After all the others disappeared on the island my crush and I decided to explore. There were floating fidget spinners and weird trees. We followed a path for a while until the path started getting dark. All the lights were going out so we ran back. The people there then had us sit in a nice hot tub they had. My crush sat next to me and wanted to go have sex for a little bit. So, we did. After, he became the president of the island. And we stayed there for a long time.