cheating boyfriend

Date: 6/29/2016

By Doodoo

I had a terrible dream my boyfriend was going to pick me up from a date so i was getting ready. When he did pick me up tho he was on the backseat with another woman. When i got on the backseat with them he said it was his wife and i sat in disbelief and confusion. The car started driving by itself to some place that god knows where and i was worried about that cos it could crash. We stopped somewhere and the woman that was his wife got off. Then he moved towards the drivers seat to start driving the car. I got on the passengers seat and asked him why on earth he brought me with him if he had a wife to which he said "i just told her you were my sister" i got really pissed off about that but held it in. When we got to the place he wanted it was a weird public bathroom. There was a really ugly fatgirl with a small bra and no underwear who was waiting for us and told me we were having a threesome. Furious, i turned to leave but my bf ran to stop me. I told him i wasnt down for this and why he had lied about everything but he acted innocent like he didnt know about the threesome so i went up to the girl and threw something at her asking her why she was lying. Then my bf was a woman kissing the fat girl on the sink so i grabbed the fat girls hair and pulled on it. Then i left feeling really hurt and terrible. I was crying hard. A strange angel looking woman with black wings and black clothes that looked like me was chasing me and pleading at me to forgive my bf but i couldn't. I went straight home and was naked for some reason. I saw his so called wife outside my window playing with her big fake boobs (cos they were huge like blimps so they looked fake) and my mom knocked on my door to say "you know why he is hurting?" And i said no and she said something but i cant remember, then she slipped a little box past the crack in the door and i opened it. Inside was a red love note from my bf with the words "miss you" I didnt let her in cos my eyes were red and puffy from crying. Strange dream