Blake Attempts to Get Sidenei Saved

Date: 9/3/2019

By briannagio

I was at school with Mellina (but she looked like Summerlynn Szabo), Sidenei and Raeanne. On top of my normal backpack, I was carrying a second, gigantic backpack and a Buzz Lightyear lunchbox. Mellina and Sidenei helped me carry them, and I told them “I wish my stupid professor didn’t make our project due on the first day of class or else I wouldn’t have had to bring all of this.” Mellina (who looked like herself now), Sidenei and I were now in the Zdzieba’s living room with the whole hurricane crew. Sidenei was telling us about the depressive thoughts he still gets about his last break-up, and Renee asked “Do you ever talk to Brianna about it? Because she used to struggle with the same thing,” and he said no. Blake then told him “Well, I only know of one way you can really fix that, but you have to be open about it.” Sidenei told him that he’s pretty desperate and open to anything, so Blake began playing worship music. I got really nervous because I know he and Mellina are not saved, so I didn’t know if they were okay with this. I also thought Renee was going to get mad because she had told Blake not do anything like that, but she seemed to be fine since Sidenei was okay with it. Mellina just sat there, but Sidenei actually tried to sing along with us. He didn’t know any of the songs, so he was singing like the Grinch did at the end with The Who’s.