Little Girl Kills Dad After He Abuses Her and Her Mom

Date: 1/22/2017

By spud

[Approximate Date] It was inside a house in some really sunny happy looking neighborhood. And it was like me watching the dream play out. And this guy, the father of the family got really mad for something and started screaming at the mother and the little girl. and he started like hitting the mother and telling her she was a worthless muggle (.. not sure why harry potter was in there but whatever) and then he took the mom and the little girl into the bedroom and chained them to his bed. and they were there for days and he wouldnt let them eat or drink or go to the bathroom or anything. and eventually the mother died because he fed her something that made her throw up everywhere. but he just left her there with the little girl chained to her. and like there were flies and bugs everywhere and it was really gross. and then somehow the girl got free and pushed the guy off the balcony. and he landed in a swimming pool and hit his head. and was like flailing around and screaming. and then I wasn't watching anymore, I was inside the little girls head watching. and I remember being her, and standing there watching him scream for help and just watched him drown. and then the girl jumped off the balcony too.