Never Do A Test On New Years Eve

Date: 1/12/2017

By melsoup

I went to get this test done, where it would tell me certain things about myself. anyways I get there and take the test but before I take it they told me they had to make my blood sugar levels high. so I followed them downstairs to a Starbucks and asked what I wanted and I asked for a shot in the dark. after drinking it and talking with them for a bit it didnt look like they were going to do it and I was crunched for time (cause it was new years eve) so I ended up leaving as fast as I could to go pick up people for the party. its snowing out and the roads are slippery (cause its actually was a gross new years for us) and we are going down this big hill and my brakes are working and we are going slow. we get to the bottom of the hill and the car in front runs into the curb and I try to swerve to miss it but my car slides and spins out into the oncoming traffic which I thought was going to hit us but didnt. so we all get out. the other guy left and we tried to get into the van and decided to leave my car there but the police and firefighters came and I had to talk to them about what happened And randomly viola Davis (from how to get away with murder was there) and eventually they left and I was getting into the van where everyone else was I got told that the police screwed up and never got my license or number so I'm off the hook. I start cautiously driving us to the party but since the major road is blocked cause of my car and they put tires in the middle to have people avoid it we went back roads. we start driving around but everyone's freaking out and I dont know where we are so we stop when the road comes to a dead end and we get out and go into the nearest building. we try to find the exit on foot and we run into a guy that told us we better be leaving and we told them we were. we get to the car lot and one of the people I'm with told me to get my car here so I click the key fob and the alarm starts going off and I realized that the van won't automatically come to us cause we are so far and everyone is looking around to see where the noise is coming from as I strangled to turn off the alarm. one of the people in my group exclaimed that it was my van to everyone and I was like no its my moms van and everyone laughed. then I woke up.