Edward the Mover / Bean Dip

Date: 6/17/2017

By AisDareth

So I had a dream that I was moving, and the only place I needed movers help for was in the garage (irl I have no garage). the garage was like a crafter's painting work shop but it also had some creepy vibe to it. Edward Cullen was one of the movers, and once he got as much packed into the truck as possible, I noticed a tea bag was left out. it wouldn't fit into the truck, so I offered it to him to drink. which he took. Then for some reason I got obsessed and was determined that if, on the next day, he took another cup of tea, I would surely win his heart. I made sure to leave out another tea bag, but while I was doing that, someone accidentally opened a portal to a hell world in the garage. Some ginger dude that was helping us was morphed into a giant ravenous skin blob that would eat us all unless we guessed what had created it. No one could. It said it was GOOGLE. Cue the Google logo in scary font. Now it would leave, but it wanted a sacrifice. Some girl had grown to worship this thing, and mumbled "It's just like how grandma took me from the other realm." ???? Skin Blob monster was like COME WITH ME. But the girl really wanted to give it something, so she was like "Wait you dropped your ID". This seemed like a passable excuse for the monster, and she went over to a big line up of little plastic brontosaurus figures that were in the process of being painted. she took one and off she went with the monster. Then we packed everything else up and moved to the new place. We made a pit stop at a fast food place called Bean Dip, where it was like a regular fast food place, only you got huge servings and the staff had to be AGGRESSIVE in their customer service. At the new place we were unpacking and my hubby made a comment that he would rather move all this stuff in to his mom's place cause it would cost less and we could save money. I mentioned I'm getting paid pretty well at my job right now, but I might be interested in going back into food service. the highest paying fast food place was Bean Dip, 25$/hour. So dream cuts to a Bean Dip store to check it out. They expect AGGRESSIVE customer service, which I guess means puns and quips and speedy service while giving huge portions and being an actual human instead of a friendly robot towards customers. The employees joked around with each person, made little jabs or remarks. One threw something across the place into the garbage and their co-worker was like "YOU MISSED." and the thrower was like "I NEVER MISS ON TUESDAYS" which I guess was supposed to be funny. At one point some short chubby lady with long frizzy hair and skin like a toad came in and went to the counter. She leans in and goes "I'm a psychiatrist. I'm having a client over tonight, and he's real sensitive. You tell your coworker who lives next to me at 14735 Eldridge Rd that if I hear her singing tonight, I'm gonna call the police. my client is sensitive and I don't want him scared off by some crazy neighbor singing." Dude behind the counter stares at her and is trying to think of something witty to reply with. it's a toss up between "Do you want fries with that?" and "She's not here today" idk what he decided on. Later, after work, they're all sitting around chatting because of course that's what food service people wanna do after being stuck there all day. For some reason I was there too so I asked them if they ever got raises, cause I was still interested in the job. They all laughed and said no except for one girl who was like "Well actually I have.." but she was shift lead so she didn't count. Later they decided it would be a great idea to spook the customers by wearing different types of hollowed out & dried gourds (pumpkins, squash, etc) on their heads and walking around the "dining area". They did it in this weird procession like way. Then it got even creepier because they went through some weird showers thing like in gyms, so they all got wet and it washed away most of their color. And one is them never came out of the shower. Like they just disappeared. And it was getting really messed up and it was more like they were doing weird culty stuff. Then I woke up.