The Maze

Date: 8/26/2017

By beanofthejill

I had a dream I dreamt of before. This dream took place in these underground tunnels. The objective was to get through the maze you could say. The scenery was mucky and dark, and lit up like you could imagine an old tunnel would. There were torches on the walls, and these walls were made of brick which developed some moss overtime. For whatever reason, I am a ghost like creature. I have the ability to pass to walls/objects, but at the same time the people around me can see me like any other human being. I did, however, have this ghostly like appearance about me, in the sense that I was slightly see though. This dream was more focused on my older/parent figure. The dream seemed to back up a bit and give me information early on that she had also "died" and become rhis ghostly like figure like me. She had brown hair and I could guess that she might have been wearing shorts, sneakers, and possibly a tank top. Unlike most of my dreams I remember, this one didn't follow a certain plot. This dream seemed more about the details in the dream than the actual storyline of the dream. Continuing on, the older/parent figure was told by these men to go though the maze. Though no one said anything, no one stopped me from tagging along with her. Once we got though the metal gate, the race to the end of the maze began. Through the tunnels we ran. Upon approaching the exit, a herd of dogs started chasing our tail. I look at the person next to me (parent/older figure) and we both said "oh crap" knowing we were going to be in trouble. Outrunning a dog is hard and need I say nearing impossible, though we didn't outrun them, we made it though the exit gate just before they bit our heels. And I woke up about there.