Date: 2/12/2019

By hayleesvendsen

Me and jada were going on a long walk and came across this barn thing and went in it. We turned the corner and there was a cowboy looking man with a gun. He started walking towards us. Jada got out her machine gun and we ran through the back into the farm. He was shooting at us and jada shot back but kept missing. He fell to the ground then I grabbed the gun and shot him in the stomach. We started running and all of a sudden he started chasing us shooting again. We ended up with Lauren and Sam in a subway. I was wearing uggs. I forget who was working but we all knew her. After that we were driving home and all fell asleep with out head squished on the middle console. We said how we were so comfy. I got home and was planning to try cocaine with someone. ( I forget who ) I hid it in my wallet. My mum and dad came into my room screaming at me cuz they found my weed but I thought they found coke cuz they looked so sad and mad. They kept trying to come into my room and I hid it in a square of my ceiling. Then I woke up