Date: 6/16/2019

By sammii-jojo-smithy

When I was younger, around 6/7yrs old (I'm 32 now) I had a recurring dream every night for about a year... it started out as a nice dream I was playing outside with my friends and the local milkman was doing his rounds collecting payments, me and my friends would start joking with Milkman saying "no point knocking on ours pal mi mums ran off wi milk tray man" all of a sudden the sky turned black and all my friends had disappeared...and the milkman had the face of a very nasty evil looking rat and he started to chase me..I'd run as fast as possible to my house get in and slam the door shut, then as I'm putting the keys in the lock the keyhole starts expanding to a big hole the milk-rat-man sticks his head through the keyhole opens his mouth showing his massive sharp yellow fangs about to bite my head and then I'd always wake up!! Does anyone please know what meaning that could have,if any?? Xx