Abandoning my Kids with my grumpy Grandpa

Date: 7/22/2017

By toxxicduck

In the beginning of the dream I was part of a family of five. I had a husband and two kids, a daughter and a young son. There was also a Grandpa there. I didn't FEEL like any of them were actually related to me, those were just their labeled roles, and they also weren't anyone I knew irl. I might mention I am a single woman with no children. The five of us went to a waterpark that looked more like a bunch of small ponds in a forest, which I think comes from my playing EverQuest II last night and being in Greater Faydark. I was in a reddish-pink bikini. It was nighttime. I wanted to go have fun with just the hubby, and had Grandpa stay with the kids to watch over them. He agreed to it disgruntedly. Off on our own, the hubby turned into my ex-boyfriend Justin. I don't think we were married any longer, just dating. We were suddenly on a college campus and he was showing me his new dorm. The area looked like PSU's parkblocks, but the dorms looked like the apartment complexes further down the city. I went into the dorm with Justin, where my current boyfriend Ethan was his roommate and smoking weed and acting like a stereotypical stoner dude. I knew it was Ethan but we weren't romantic or had any history of romance. He was talking about some crazy conspiracy theories with that generic stoner "yeah maaaaaan" drawl. Then I remembered the two kids I had and realized I abandoned them at the waterpark. I somehow knew that Grandpa had ditched them and I had to hurry back. I literally just ran through the buildings and into the forest to the waterpark. Also, for some reason, I was now wearing a black lady's work suit and skirt with stockings. I found the two kids playing in one of the pond-like pools, totally fine, and then I woke up.