Signed Board

Date: 8/1/2017

By Vocalist2D

I was in school and walked into the wrong class. For some reason I seemed to be learning Italian instead of History. I apologised for being in the wrong Italian class and fled off to the right one. When I got in the right class, I sat down and there was a whiteboard in front of me that said 'Nakamura Shungiku' (a mangaka I like) in her exact signature. I was so shocked but happy at the same time. Later on in the dream, I take the little whiteboard with me to a lunch hall where I meet Laura (one of my friends who used to go to the same school) and her mates. I excitedly show them the board and they are wowed by it as I explain who it is that has signed the board. They ask if I think she once came to the school. I say I don't know but if so it would be wonderful.