I turned Vampire part 3

Date: 2/6/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

After meeting the King James and than we made love that night sweet amazing love than when we went on our hunt for dinner we needed to eat our bodes are getting Fragile. So we go out and when we had out we want to the big city and well we deciding on what we want to for dinner. Than I when we walking around I bumped into my ex boyfriend Jared And he smiled "how have you been Breanna?" Am doing good I am getting my dinner and I think in my head maybe if I can turn vampire we can be friends again than he says I need to show you something than he takes me in a behind a store and he change he changes into a werewolf "no " all I can say than my fangs come out than he changed back human form. "Oh your a vampire" " yes I am and your a werewolf am glad we got that covered" I start heading back " I need to get something to eat, I need to head back " Jared follows me " where are you going? I just showed something" I look at him "yes I know but am Vampire Ana the werewolf what did you think would happen?" He just shrugs " look I need to go I will see you later than I meet up again with Levi than we go on a hint than I wake up