College Times

Date: 2/9/2023

By DreamWeirdo

I remember being invited to a class that was happening. I went to city college. Francisco invited me to a class he was attending and I went to the class. I got the class wrong at first but then saw him at the next one. I was very happy about seeing him. My mom attended one class. This made me want to attend school irl. I never know what I want to do for a college class.

AI generated interpretation This dream could symbolize your desire to find a purpose in life. You attending a college class could represent a search for learning and knowledge, while Francisco could represent a friend or mentor who is guiding you in the right direction. The fact that your mother was also attending the class could signify your desire for approval and support in your decisions. The confusion you felt when you got the class wrong could be a sign of your uncertainty about what you want to do with your life. The feeling of happiness when you saw Francisco could be a sign that you are looking for someone to help you find direction and purpose in your life.