Late for prom

Date: 8/2/2017

By laurenl98

So I remember two different scenes and somehow I think they were connected but I don't remember how. In one part, I was on a beach and I was tanning but I didn't have a bikini on, I only had my underwear. I already have some pretty strong tan lines from normal bikini bottoms but I had a g-string thong on at the time so I took my clothes off and tried to tan topless and in my thong. I was tanning so that I would look good at my prom, which was the same day in the dream. My mom yelled at me to leave the beach because I would be late for prom, and I put on the dress and went straight to the venue with big tables and chairs. My seat was all the way in the back where a few of my friends were but I didn't know them very well, I was also coming very late during a part where people were sitting and listening and no dancing was happening so my entrance caused a bit of a scene. I was tan and I looked good, though.