I started a Woman's Only Room and it had consequences!

Date: 1/19/2017

By mskatrina85

I wanted to start a Woman's Only room, where women could hang and get peace of mind from their husbands and kids. So I started soliciting women outside of stores and such to tell them about it. In the dream, it looked like it was the 60s or something. I stood outside of stores and convinced women to give me 5 minutes of their time. I used the angle of telling them that they only went into the department stores for peace of mind, but ended up buying things and spending money all because they wanted time alone... so I gave them my card and where they were to show up to learn about my woman's only room. I went to the building where my room was and we had security along with a few staff, I guess to keep the place clean and to serve food. I remember feeling really proud as I walked down the hall toward my room. I peaked in and could see benches, cafeteria style tables, some decoration, and buffets with food on them. There were a few women sitting inside talking to one another and sitting at the tables with plates they'd made. (It was only white women and their dresses looked 60s style). I was thinking "I did it, this is actually working!!!!". I didn't want to go mooch off of the food in the women's room, so I walked down another hall to get food from this other room. Oh, and apparently there was some awareness that men were really upset about this room being in existence and were protesting about it; because their wives were no longer wanting to just sit at home bored. Because we knew of this we had the security. I walked into the other room to get food, and soon as I entered I saw two men sitting at a table watching me, and another man walking up to get food as well, watching me strangely. I already knew that something was off and that I needed to get out of there. Before I could leave, the room went dark, and I could see the shadows of the other men running as fast as they could through the doors. Then I heard on intercom a voice telling all men to get out, because I would be attacked in there. I started running toward the door but was pulled from behind by two men with ski masks on. I somehow had a knife and immediately stabbed it into one man's leg and then ran out. The hallway seemed so long and they came running out the room behind me. One eventually caught up and tackled me, and his mask came off. I think I was supposed to recognize him, a 40 something white man. He started hitting me and jacking me up, and I was scared frozen, just trying to block my face. I was scared they were gonna rape me to send a message. The other guy came out holding his leg and limping. He started hitting me too. The kept making threats about my woman's room, saying that I'd regret it and at this point they were grabbing my hair, throwing me around and kicking me. Security came running down the hall then and both men took off running. The security guy helped me up, and as I limped past a mirror I could see that I was battered and bloody. But as he was trying to get me to the exit, I saw one of the cooks crying to the other staff in the work room. I pushed away from the security and insisted that I go in. I walked in and went straight to her, even though everyone looked shocked at my appearance. She was crying and wailing, screaming "they killed him! They killed my husband, they killed my love!!"... for some reason I could see the scene of what'd happened. She (she was a middle age black woman) was approached by two male cops who told her that her husband died of an overdose, even though she knew for certain that he never took drugs. And I knew that it was because she worked at my room. I could feel it, that this was becoming huge and that it was only going to get more dangerous for me and my staff. I started telling her that we'd get her the best lawyer, one who'd demand an autopsy. The next scene jumped to a black female lawyer walking up to a stage, and two women were holding the hands of the widowed lady, helping her to walk to the stage as she cried uncontrollably. The dream ended before the lawyer spoke.