School portal

Date: 3/27/2017

By obeydream

Sorry if I haven't been on, i had too much work but let's get on with the story ( dream started) I was in line with my group and in my group was my 3 friends. This girl comes up to me a starts to give me attuide, I was ready to fuck her up but they didn't let me, most people were crying because once you enter the portal you don't come back. So I was in line to enter the portal, one group did not make it in, they had crushed into the wall physically. It was up next, I wasn't scared I felt normal, we were shot into the portal with my group, I had closed my eyes and told my friends " I love you guys " and they said it right back to me . We had teleportated to some place, it was dusty and rusty and it was very sandy, there was another group so we had team up with them and just survive, everybody had hiking clothes nobody knew what happened, nobody knows what place this is, we were stranded, nobody knew why we had to go through the portal. It all reminds a mystery