Date: 8/7/2017

By planetlainy

I was working at my job at the theater as an usher ripping tickets. All of a sudden, all of these men with guns walk in and i'm nervous as hell. Nothing happens with that, but as i'm just chilling a boy walks up and asks for my picture and wants to know if i'll go on the kid train with him. I tell him after work maybe. Then, my manager comes up and briggs me a paper saying that my lateness to work, two times written up, and anxiety are causing me problems at work and that i need counseling at 6am in the morning. I then look at all the other people on their phones and doing everything wrong and laugh to myself. I enter a theater and i'm with my friend. We decide to move seats to close to the screen. we find a seat next to my old middle school crush and i start conversation. He tells me that his girlfriend is boring and psycho and that he's tired. I then seduce him and end up sucking his dick. I didn't do anything else because my friend was right there and she also liked him in middle school. I get his number. Also, his dick looked like a foot.