Electricity Powers [8/07/19]

Date: 8/7/2019

By BlueMoon

I had the ability to control electricity. The dream was set in an alternate earth, a less modern one, and wars raged the planet. The dream began in a large, open building, and many people were talking and waiting there. Suddenly, several people turned on us and aimed their guns. They were working for Queen... Arina. We’ll call her that. The people took some hostages and I managed to escape before I saw what they were doing to the rest. I wasn’t allied on any side of the Great War. However, I had a sudden chance encounter with a few electric boy and he convinced me to fight against Queen Arina. So, not having anywhere else to go, I followed Daron. Even in a dream, the electricity was alluring. I loved the power it gave me, the ability to call sparks as they danced around my fingers. It gave me the power to be dangerous. We worked on a plan for months with a sort of rebel gang against Queen Arina. I learned she was a cold-blooded killer, a monster in every regard, not worthy of our mercy. And so, Daron and I were sent to kill her. In the dream, I didn’t question the orders. I had never used the lightning to kill before, but the idea didn’t even faze me. We managed to infiltrate the Queen’s palace. When Daron and I found her, however, she was with four young children. She was smiling, cradling them, and she clearly loved them. I couldn’t do it. I could not kill the queen. Daron didn’t want to either. All we had learned was that she was brutal and a murderer, but we could see Queen Alira loved her children and she cared for her soldiers. It was war, but we did not want to fight. So we ran away, back into the depths of the desert and came upon a large oasis village. We met someone named Aiken who was a good fighter. He had brown skin, messy black hair and blue eyes. The three of us became quick friends. Then the dream ended :P