The Arcanist's Lair

Date: 5/26/2017

By dion_spyro

I wanted to learn about the arcane arts so I sought lessons from guy who looked just like Pedro Pascal. He taught me all different stances and what not but I wanted to learn how to cast spells. Hearing this, the man took me into his lair and started rambling about the belief in magic. He said he only believe in one god but they are not commonly known. He kept gesturing to this drawing on the table of a flower when he mentioned them. Eventually, he started taking me back outside but at the door were a group of angry students. The teacher let them in but they got violent so he threw down a little rune with that flower in it and vanished and took me with him. The students couldn't escape from the lair because the door was shut tight. The floor started to open beneath them and they all fell into a massive even larger lair below. A large beast stormed into it and ate them all. The teacher took me to their bodies and explained to me that this is the true nature of magic.