dream "there's just different kinds of people" said in a sweet southern accent

Date: 2/1/2019

By JillMagdalene

I was working in a nursing home, at night, in a building, with bright lights on. i was wearing scrub uniform and so was everyone else, theirs were solid color, maroon or blue, i was washing my hands with a lot of green apple soap, in a sink that had files in it. then one of my superiors was explaining to me a concept where you hit someone with a frying pan and then they go around the building and you hit them again with the frying pan when they come around and I did not understand the concept and did not know what she was talking about until then there was some kind of inside joke and at the same time I was eating a pear and a woman pushed me from behind and a little bit of the pair came out in my mouth and I said in my silly sweet southern accent that "there's just different kinds of people" ( because i didnt get the joke about hitting people, because the first thing that comes to mind when i think about a frying pan, is fried chicken, and southern people are typically good hearted people with genuine intentions, and that while i may speak proper midwestern, at heart, i am sweet southern, and i wanted my boss to know that she should consider me an innocent, genuine sweet southerner when she has inappropriate jokes or rude concepts to explain, while gently brushing off the fact that i did not immediately get the ill timed, innapropriate, in poor taste so called joke) and then I went to go see my coworker (asian young lady) who is sitting on the couch watching tv and she said "are you ready to go?" i said "yes" and i grabbed a pair of gloves to go change beds and we went off to change people's beds before rounds were over.