Scary girl

Date: 4/14/2017

By EmmySenpia

Ok so, I was in this long ways room with some dude but it was like a house kind if and there was sun coming from the windows. And I was with this man but I did know who he was but I guess I was friends with him? And so this creepy girl (who looked like the girl from the rings) she like was creepy talking and then she sang a song, and the end of her song she said "do you want to stay with me" and stupid me for some damn reason flipped a switch that said "yes" so the room went red and black and she had a black cross on her and said "I'm coming for you" then I was screaming "NO NO NO PLZ NO PLZ NO" then I saw how the door was locked from the inside so I twisted the lock open and I looked her in, and for some reason I was hiding this things Idk if I was hiding them from her but I was throwing them behind some couch? And then the in the room I locked her in she said "I hear you out there" "if you don't leave I'm gonna get out there and get you" so I RAN out of the house thing and the dude I was with got in his car and he got in his car and I couldn't get in so I banged on the passenger window then he rolled down the window and I jumped in the car from the window and then I saw a phone outside our window and I was like is that mine I looked and I had my phone and I said good OK I have mine and then I kept yelling " OK DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!" and then we went to a park and she was there the creepy girl and she was sleeping? Then theses lions were following us? And the only way to stop the creepy girl from following us was to make the lions fall asleep? I told that to the guy I was with, then someone idk if it was me but i pulled my toenails back and the loin would fall asleep😳(look idk why) and then for some reason I was now with this girl and she wanted me and some other girl to go hiking in the woods with her? And she was wearing like a pink bra kind of top and a pink shirt and she had a ponytail and I think brown eyes, and her outfit was shiny and she kind of looked like the pink Power Ranger?😂 and before she she told us that we were going to go hiking I was hiding more stuff behind a tree? And the stuff I was hiding all through my dream I think they were like magical staffs??? And that's the end😳👍🏻