Meso lonely

Date: 4/2/2017

By dixsilence

Ok so the first part I was with a friend going to a supermarket and when we got there he tried to kiss me. Obviously I punched him, I'm not into men. I went inside the supermarket and I was holding an open bag of cheese while walking. When I stand on the mechanic stair I dropped everything and it went through the stairs to the lower level. I rushed downstairs to pick up everything and a girl said I have to throw it to the thrash. She was cute, like a better version of a girl I know irl (she is not my friend tho). We were now I the food patio (?) it was more like a brothel, we kissed I guess and we were about to have an intercourse in the middle of the place but she said "what are you doing here, you are too nice and pure". She was a out to note her number and I woke up. The second dream I was on my capital city. It was very late at night, I felt lonely and I thought about going to my ex dept. (why wtf) I went there, we chatted and after a while I was above her kissing and doing dirty things. She liked it but she kept saying she couldn't do it because she has a bf. Of course that broke me and left, then I went to downtown fair hoping to find an open shop. I found an airline and tried to buy a flight ticket to New York. The dream changed, now I'm inside a video game, I don't know which one because I don't play them much. I was near a river in a forest, there was little people made of sticks. They were afraid because the boss was coming. They showed me the coast, and when I turned around I saw a gigantic wave of hundred of meters tall, it was really scary. Inside of it lived a gigantic shark who wanted to eat all these people. And I woke up.