back at high school

Date: 8/20/2017

By daisxx

was back at high school and doing drugs in the bathroom. went to psychology class and my teacher was a japanese man (irl it was a white lady). he was rlly mean to me because i didnt come to class for like 7 months but he didnt notice that i wasnt there for a lot of them and only realised when the person i sat next to didnt do any group work. rude. turns out some ugly noodlehead told him that i was high so i started shouting like wtf MATE and then walked out of the room. there was tables in front of the door that i had to climb over. then i was walking around school and i didnt feel high anymore and i kept seeing people that i didnt like and then it started raining and i went home. on the way home i saw my cousin that i dont speak to bc her parents are rats, but she was really nice to me which is cool.