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Date: 1/19/2017

By ace200

First dream: -Sam super nice -Girl was mad at me in gym locker room for doing something better then her, almost beat me up -Looked for Aly Crose after school and couldn't find her. Sam asked Ashlee to wait for me until Aly texted that she was home. Second Dream: -At home and Caitlyn texted me, couldn't read text without glasses and fam wouldn't help me find glasses because people were coming over. Text said something about 50s Third: -At beach, big waves, pretty -Fun, I was Barbie? -Boy kept looking at me Forth: -Diary of a wimpy kid -Big dogs after the mom and a girl and boy -Dogs killed them, mom found cops but they put her in jail for being crazy -Greg and Rodrick had no idea what happened to her, but we got scared driving on road with dogs