Cursed love

Date: 7/17/2017

By gwomack101

***i usually dream in first person or third person as me, but this time it was different and I dreamt about people and a community I don't know at all. It was like watching a movie*** (I like to think that I switched into somebody else's dream world and they switched into mine) There was a young Latino couple falling in love. They related on a deep level and had a lot in common. Like both of their parents were journalists that studied the spirit world and ancient myths on their island. The whole town respected and loved their parents, and their studies always got posted in their local newspaper. Both of their parents died at an early age, so family was closest to their hearts. Their parents discovered an ancient myth that falling in love or eloping without the parents' blessing, that one partner would be cursed and both of their souls taken away. They both felt hopeless about love. They were at a family party, and everybody was dancing. When they kissed for the first time, chaos happened. A thunderstorm/hurricane was livid outside, and tsunami came in a took the man she was deeply in love with. She screamed and desperately tried to follow it, but it was too quick and too powerful. She was crying outside on her knees, watching the tsunami get smaller and hearing her love's shaken voice get more faint. As the natural disaster and her love disappeared, she went inside to her bedroom livid and put on her boots and went outside frantically looking for him. She followed with her guts and ended up at the beach coast. A spectral eagle the size of a colossal statue was flying around in circles. As she yearned for it, a regular sized spectral eagle swooped her up on its back, and they got closer to the other eagle. When the eagles collided, they slowly went back, side to side, to the coast, almost mechanically. Confused but relived, the lovebirds were holding hands and embracing eachother. When she asked about the eagle, he said that they actually had an interesting talk. It was her parents giving him the marriage talk. Perplexed and shocked she asked how could that be because they've only been together for a few months. Then the two eagles shape shifted to her parents, her dad in his shadow and her mom in hers, they appeared in their spectral, human form saying how he is the one. She said it's no use since they don't have souls anymore that they can't love eachother for an eternity. Her parents said they know and then said that's why we're giving them their souls and that it's time for them to move on. Crying and shocked, she asked about them and where would they be then. They said that they want to give their names and souls out to love and that they love her dearly and would be just a star in the sky. As they accepted their souls, her parents evanesced into each of their bodies and kissed passionately. The next day, they were in their wedding dress and tuxedo, having a family ceremony. They were goofing off with their family as they opened their wedding gifts