Child sacrifices

Date: 7/15/2017

By MsBananaNanner

Me and my dad are getting ready for a trip to go see extended family. Apparently, he and I were flying out a day earlier than my mom and my brother (or a few days later I'm not sure). The morning we're supposed to fly out, we're making breakfast and for some reason I decide to crack like 20 eggs (he's cooking them) even though I know can't eat any of them so he has to eat them all. I guess my reasoning was that since we weren't going to be home for a few weeks, we might as well use them all up. I also cooked like the entire thing of sausages so I had just a huge mound of sausage patties... After that we head to walmart, I'm not sure why. We're there so long that we end up missing our flight. We call the airport and find out that our flight was actually canceled, and that we'd been put on a new one that leaves in a few hours. So we head home, and now I've got to pack--because apparently I hadn't thought to ever do that before. I spend a lot of time running around the house gathering clothes and whatnot, and then gather a whole bunch of art supplies as well. My dad keeps telling me to hurry, that we need to leave, but I keep thinking of other things I need to bring. I'm not too worried about the time. Then all of a sudden I go into labor...I wasn't pregnant before this, but all of a sudden I am. It was really weird. ... I'm listening to music on some site kind of like Pandora, mostly Ed Sheeran. In the background, they have ads and video things playing that go along with the music. I get to one that's supposedly an ad for gum, but it's actually really interesting. There is this tall, muscular man who's skin is pure white, and dressed kind of like a tribal warrior. He walks out into this field that is before a shimmery futuristic/space city. A woman comes out, who is also really pale, and also super buff. She makes me think of lady Sif. She's got fantasy type clothes on too but it's not really armor. They start a dance sort of thing, but there's zero gravity so the guy starts floating in the air. But the woman is controlling his movements like telekinesis. The scene changes around the two people. Now the man is floating next to a giant wooden post, and they're in a jungle. The woman disappears, and a bunch of villager type people come in, and are forcing this child to climb the pole. The little kid doesn't really want to, but he has no choice. Pale warrior guy continues his dancing--which looks like a ritual type thing--and floats over to the kid. He ties him to the pole, and then after a minute, starts murdering him in the absolute most gruesome way. I don't entirely remember how he did it, but I know that there was a TON of blood, and guts were involved, and wow. Even the villagers were grossed out and some we're throwing up. The dream jumps, and now I'm talking with some people about the gift I'm going to get one of my coworkers. The guy is one of the theatre professors I work with, and I'm going to give him a copy of the movie he'd recently just acted in. Later, when I'm giving it to him, he doesn't seem to understand, as though he doesn't recognize the movie. I don't find this weird, as I assume he just acted for his one scene and didn't know what the rest of the movie was. We convince him to put it on so we can watch. He starts to recognize it a bit, and gets kind of angry. He wants to turn it off, saying he hates this movie and doesn't think anyone should be watching it, but we convince him to just let it play. It goes a bit longer and I start to recognize the scene as the jungle place Id watched earlier. I realize now why he didn't want to watch. Then the dream jumps again, but it's more of a jump back to an earlier time, not a different dream altogether. I'm in the car with my mom and my grandparents. We're on our way to a play. We pull up at this creepy looking cabin thing in the middle of nowhere, but that's all part of the experience I guess. I walk up onto the porch, and take a seat in the rocking chair. I pull off my backpack and my coat, and underneath I have what looks like period costuming but I'm not entirely sure what time era. Whatever it is, it goes with everything else in the cabin. My mom and my grandparents are all "ooh!!! You're in this play!!! How exciting!" I say yes, that I am, but part of my role is that I have to sit out here while audience people show up. Kinda like a haunted house thing, except I don't do anything but sit in this "live scene". They keep wanting to talk to me and take pictures, and then some other people stop to talk as well. I'm really irritated because they're ruining the effect, but I have to be polite. The other two guests who had stopped by were a father and son dressed quite sharply, in suits and top hats and everything. The dad offers me some cookies and I try to decline. He won't take no for an answer. I can see that they clearly have coconut in them, so I know I'll be sick if I eat them. I take the smallest piece I can manage, hoping I won't get sick. Eventually I get them to leave me be, and I can finish my job in peace. Then I'm backstage, waiting for the play to begin. The audience is all up in this balcony that overlooks our small stage (all inside this cabin). I'm in a room that's directly below the balcony, so none of then can see me. I recall thinking to myself that this play was Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat...except that it just really really wasn't.... I'm dressed as a servant boy (I basically look like Haku from Spirited Away), and I'm the first to start off the scene. It's very calm. I walk through the set, cleaning off dust. I clean up a plate, I rearrange a plant, put food on the table etc. Then my "master" comes in, and he's supposedly like a pharaoh type person. He sets to luxuriously eating his food, but really dramatically and making a mess. No one has talked yet, and the audience is wondering if this is a silent show. Then pharaoh (who was actually strangely quite attractive underneath all the costuming and makeup and whatnot--with it he looked creepy af) spills something all over the place so I rush in to clean it up. He pokes some fun at the "lowly servant", which there are all these other ladies in there fanning him with palm branches and whatever, who all laugh at his jokes (that aren't all that funny but whatever). It does turn into a bit of a comedy, as I am a very shy, nervous servant boy, and he's trying to set me up with one of his women servant people. I get chased around the set, this way and that, blushing profusely. I run back into the room under the balcony, and then get chased back out by a moose. The audience is roaring with laughter. Then it somehow cuts to a different set, which is towards the end of the play, except we're outside (it was like the audience all got up and followed us, so now they're standing on the grass.) I'm still the servant boy, but now the pharaoh guy is dressed in just his warrior loincloth whatever, and has covered his skin with white paint. The wooden post is there, and he's beckoning for me to climb. Nervously, I begin to. I get to his height, where he's floating mid air, and he says something threatening. He goes to like rip my clothes or something, and then suddenly, he realizes that I am in fact a girl, whose been posing as his servant boy. He makes some comment about "so that's why you kept trying to run away when I was setting you up with my ladies". Audience is laughing hysterically, and egging him on to sacrifice me or whatever. He does, and we've got all these fake blood packets and stuff that explode, and I'm fake screaming, and the audience is like simultaneously horrified and enthralled. I hear someone shout "CUT!" And pharaoh guy pulls away. I look down and the audience is gone, and I'm on a movie set. Someone helps us down, (pharaoh dude was on a trapeze thingy) and we are all talking and laughing with the rest of the cast and crew. We all think I look hilarious all covered in blood and want to take selfies.