The Titanic Vacation

Date: 8/1/2019

By JillBears

We were on a cruise ship that looked just like the titanic. The places that the titanic was harmed there were just patches as if they could patch up the titanic! most of the time people stayed in their rooms. but we wanted to explore, so we got outside on deck and got to see killer whales swimming and the ocean! But then we were getting attacked by people who lived in houses surrounded by water. as if we were trespassing? they were very good at swimming and sent trained attack dogs to our ship. suddenly the ship somehow became smaller and the dogs were able to attack me and my siblings. I literally felt the scratches over my arm. I have never been bit by a dog so it felt like cat scratches all over my arms. nobody else realized they were in danger bc they were still in their rooms. then the dogs found a squirrel or something idk. and ran off. then I woke up???