'Danger for school'

Date: 7/18/2017

By parisleech13

I had a dream where I was a danger school. They locked me in express and then when ready I was tied up next to dragon house office. I remember at one point I got free some how and ran. And hid on the stage and I remember the teachers saying "come on. It's okay. We promise we won't tie you up again" and I believed them. So they slowly came towards me and I saw a rope so I ran through the back of the stage door (to pe) and went down the stairs and saw more teachers so I just gave in. It was horrible. So I gave myself in and then they tied me back up. And then like after an hour or something that's where sam came into my dream. And I got free and attacked him. Because he was being a dipshit. Then I was beaten by the teachers and put back tied up. Then after like a week. They thought the meds were working so they decided to let me go and have some lessons and my first lesson was in Mrs shepheards class so I went in and everyone was silent so then I sat down and people were still silent so I asked if I could have some work and go back to dragon house office because everyone was scared of me and didn't want to be near me. So I thought the only option was to isolate myself. Then I got bored and walked around the school for a bit and went to Phoenix house office to miss Waite and went and talked to her about some work and she cared. Then sophie came in and hugged me saying it's okay. I know you're not dangerous. And then she said let's go back to dragon okay? And I agreed. So she took me back to dragon house office and on the way there I saw Kyran and we started speaking and he didn't care about me being dangerous (even though he's dangerous himself. He was aloud to be free) then I went to dragon house office and did some work. Then I woke up crying. I literally felt like Harley Quinn. And not in a good way because she wasn't strong or anything. She was just crazy.