chicken breast baby?

Date: 10/29/2016

By stefdrms

I was partying with my boyfriend, I remeber is doing Coke and telling him it smelled like gas . When I snort it I could see in my head that someone mashed these pink pills into the Coke. I remeber sneezing so much and it came out pink. I remeber getting into bed and feeling so congested. When I got up I sneezed really hard again, and I felt something come out from inbetween my legs. I pulled my underwear down and this ample sized chicken breast thing plopped right on to the floor. I analyzed and thought wtf is this. I thought my uterus perhaps ? It didn't look like what i perceived a uterus to look like. I checked for a baby I mean I thought it had to be a baby . Did I just loose a baby? The weirdest looking baby thing ever. I thought if this is true then I need to sit on the toilet for worry of bleeding. I walked into the pale white room with a toilet sitting waiting. No blood. I looked down and felt two stick like things coming out from my vagina. They felt like tendons with a weird greyish color. I thought hmmm placenta? Not like one I've ever seen lol. I tried pulling it out and I just could not. I feared if I ripped it out id bleed out. I walked to look for my boyfriend. In the backyard I walked to a gate and there was another Gate and a set of stairs that walks down underground. My boyfriend was this with all these like interesting mAles. I left annoyed thinking how could he not care when he saw what was happening to me. After a while I checked again and he was just with one man. Then man signaled me to come down and to not worry about him being there. So I sit with them and tell my boyfriend I am worried. The other man asks why and I tell him (real life story ) that I almost once bled out and died and I was telling him my experience of my short death. My boyfriend was making faces at me like I wasn't paying attention to him while in telling my story to this man. I thought it incredibly rude and I said to him what are you ok? I said do we have a problem and he just rolled his eyes and handed the man a pizza. That's it lol